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Things that only gaxion can do for you.

No body like  advert, ads irritate people. Ads are distraction. Our minds are saturated with countless and ceaseless flow of ads from different channels. We all have conditioned our mind to filter all this noise and give way only for what truly matters, which is information. Thispost is all about information. The motivation behind this post is not to sell another over hyped service to you, rather the opposite. Many schools are moving towards automating their key processes like result processing, there is no shortage of online school management software to help them bring their purpose to life, but the irony of the whole thing is, most schools are not satisfied, they’ve been sold to, not helped to bring their dreams to pass and left to nurture the difficulties that comes with subscribing to over hyped softwares that promised all and delivered nothing. Quickly i will show you how gaxion is working to help.

1. We don't celebrate features. We celebrate experience

Features are fantasti…

How not having an online presence is sabotaging your school growth

The truth remains that the rule of the game has changed, what worked ten years ago, is not what’s working today. Ten years ago, internet has not gained traction, social media was just starting, every body was comfortable doing same old thing they were used to. Mobile phone did not enjoy the level of acceptance, it’s enjoying today, there was no online school portal that processes result in real time, and also makes it available for students and parents for viewing and printing while just sitting at the comfort of their home. Friends, things has changed, holding on to the fading old method, will only make you to go down with it. Therefore is wisdom to hug on to this moving train, a change that’s sweeping our overall way of doing things, or risked frustration. Quickly i will show you how this changes is sabotaging your school growth.

1. No Working School Website
In Nigeria today more than 78 million people are online, 6 billion people globally, having a website in today’s world is as im…

What no one tells you about school management software

No body wants to buy a product that will not add value to his life. Reason why we make purchases it’s simply to satisfy a particular need, but the irony of whole thing, is simply, software markets are filled with too many junks that promises so much and accomplish so little and some nothing. Software is a technical product, as such it needs, not just having a basic knowledge of what a software can do to make a better purchasing decision  that you won’t  regret. Quickly i will show you ways to identify horrible school management software.

1. It can do every thing
Every good product, does few things and exceptionally well too.That’s why your ear is meant only for hearing and your eyes for seeing. A great school management software, solves a particular problem exceptionally well and also provides great user experience and as such gives great return on investment.
2. It’s Complex
Complexity can mean different things, but in this context, means the ease  at which you get things done with the …

4 opportunities you are missing from not having a school website

In Nigeria today, over 78 million people are searching and getting information from the web, the web has come to become a very important aspect of our daily lives, and the more you appreciate and recognise this fact, it will aid you to position your school very well to gain from immense opportunity that the internet offers, before competition takes advantage of that. i will show you quickly, what not having an online presence is costing your school on daily basis.

Being found by new students
We are in connected world, people now have access to any information, in just seconds, this culture has shaped the way we shop, and relate to business. In business, people can only buy from you, when they know you exist. Having a school website, will increase the number of student in take in your school, because more people will find you, and this will in turn lead to more people coming to your school.
2. Credibility
The truth is, the best product don’t always win, people chooses mostly based on perc…

4 Reasons why your school needs an online school management software

Somebody might be forced to ask, why do i even need a software why my pen and paper is still serving me very well? Well let me tell you a little story, before the collapse of the soviet union, the government makes the resident of the then Soviet union to believe that they are living better than every other person in the world, with heavily subsidies house hold items that you will queue for hours to get, this continued until light came, with introduction of cable TV, they had access to information from the western world, and right then, they eyes opened, and they saw vividly, that what they where celebrating as best thing that ever happened to then is nothing compared to what the people that lived in the western world has access to, and the people revolt, and that was one the of the measure cause of the collapse of Soviet Union. for any business to still be relevant in the current interconnected world we are now, it needs to position itself as a people oriented business, and quickly…

4 top reason why your school has failed to attract students.

school we know is a place for gaining of knowledge for advancement. school is a business, with high competition , hardly will it be only your school that’s present in your area, some areas in lagos has close to 4 schools in just a street, competing for same scarce resources, students. so as such, it takes more than having fine buildings. qualify teachers, and all equipment to strive and exhume exploit in these highly competitive sector. The principle i shared in these article will help you to know some small problems that have been preventing you from making the most from your school.
Poor Management
Poor management is a leak in a floating ship. No matter how small a leak may appear to be, it can sink any ship, any day, any time. No matter how urgent you need to get to your destination, if your ship is leaking, if not properly handled it might as well sinked with you. Poor management is a venom if not immediately address in any business, as such like in competitive business like school,…

Questions you should ask before choosing a school management software.

In Nigeria today, we are in the era, where most schools are bringing most of their activities online. while these is a welcome development, because it brings to view the appreciation of the use of management software in most areas of our professional life. but in a place like Nigeria, a lot of caution are needed to be exercised by schools before settling for an online student portal. The principles i listed below, will guide you in identifying good from great school management software.

1. Ease of Use
While some of the companies that provide this service, most times does the management and enters the data for the school, but most schools are left to use and have a first hand experience with this software. statistics has it that more than 80% of softwares developed in Nigeria are not done by professionals, as such most software developmental guideline are ignored this leads to software services that are riddles with more features than you ever need, complex, not efficient, and lacks t…