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4 top reason why your school has failed to attract students.

school we know is a place for gaining of knowledge for advancement. school is a business, with high competition , hardly will it be only your school that’s present in your area, some areas in lagos has close to 4 schools in just a street, competing for same scarce resources, students. so as such, it takes more than having fine buildings. qualify teachers, and all equipment to strive and exhume exploit in these highly competitive sector. The principle i shared in these article will help you to know some small problems that have been preventing you from making the most from your school.

Poor Management

Poor management is a leak in a floating ship. No matter how small a leak may appear to be, it can sink any ship, any day, any time. No matter how urgent you need to get to your destination, if your ship is leaking, if not properly handled it might as well sinked with you. Poor management is a venom if not immediately address in any business, as such like in competitive business like school, can impede the growth of a school, and can move further to destroy the school eventually. so is important that every school use a business like approach in day to day running of their school. 

2. Location

Among other things, one of the great thing that makes one of the world most successful company great, Starbucks, a company that sell coffee, is location. location in these context, does not just talk about   where or how far your school is located from the population, it talks about your environment, what measure that your school has put in place to make sure that your school environment is not just exceptional, but also safe. 90% of parents that sends their kids to schools, one of the basic factor they consider, how safe the environment of the school and the policies that the school has put in place to make that their children are safe. Do more to ensure safety in your environment and also let parents know  what your school has put in place to ensure the safety of their children, and watch your school grow.

3. People

One of the scarcest resources for maximum exploit in business, is skill, among other things, attracting and keeping talents, is one of the measure way to command greater result in  your business. And school is not just a business, a business that impact knowledge, one of the most important investment that is needed for your school to attract more students is the investment on talents, bringing in qualified teachers and staff. Attracting qualified staff is not just enough, trained qualified staff that will represent the value of your school, and always setting up periodic training to sharpen and improve the skills of your staff, this will help you keep up to the constant changes that happens in your environment, and also create a positive impression in the minds of parents. A school that fails to attract talents will not be around enough.

4. No Online Presence

Science have shown that most deadly disease that kills a man, don't just start manifesting its symptoms on the day it infected its victim, HIV for instance can stay up to five to ten years before even its first symptoms, in business, most revolution that starts don't start having effect not on till it has taken over, today in Nigeria more than 78 million people are online, your school not having a website is one of the main reason why you are not found and cannot be seen, and as such no one is coming. Website in this context, don't just mean having an online catalogue that displays your basic school information, it goes further to having what is called an online presence, your school investing in an online school management software, that provides a simple way to automate your result and also makes this result available that parents and students can access it without having to move an inch from their home, any where and any time. this will position your school as leader and thus gain most of the trust you needed to attract greater number of students to your school.


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