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How not having a school management software is costing you school growth.

Business world is a highly competitive place. To strive means taking bold steps that will make you stand out. People buys on perception. How people perceived your school determines greatly the level of growth it enjoys. In a highly competitive business like school been best in one area is not enough but achieving efficiency in all area of school management. Quickly i will show you how a school management software will help in bringing growth to your school.

1. Less Error
Error can destroy in splits of seconds the reputation that took you years to build. Errors are inevitable but very costly. Every body is prone to making a mistake. No parents wants to looks at the grade book of his kids and finds out that the summation of the assessment and exam doesn’t equal to the total, it shows carelessness. Parents wants the best for their kids and the least they will do, is to send their children to a school that they perceived to be careless. Installing a great school management software like g…

Top 3 opportunities your school is loosing from not having social media presence

Humans are always skeptical of new things. We often don’t know what it is, how it can help us and mostly importantly how to adapt to the inevitable changes that comes with the introduction of new technology. Social media, is one of those technology, though not new but most people are yet to know more importantly the impact it has on business growth. School is a competitive business, as such having a nice structure is no longer enough but growth comes by been sensitive to way our society continues to evolve. Prior to now, social media presence was considered a luxury but that ideology is changing fast as most of our daily activities are now online. Quickly i will show the opportunities your missing for not having social media presence.

1. Free Publicity
To sign up on most social media are free, it cost nothing, yet it exposes you to millions of people. Facebook one of the most popular has 1.5 billion people on it. The truth about any business remains that without exposure, every business…

What no one tells you about your school social media presence

School is a highly competitive business. There are more schools than ever competing to have more students. It takes more than just building a school to attract students, it takes standing out from the crowd. There are 1.56 billion people  on Facebook, that is more than the entire population of Africa, to gain dominance you have to have several channels of making your school known to prospective parents, and one of such vital channels is social media. Quickly i will show you reasons why you need it in your school.

1. It’s free
OK, maybe that isn’t directly true... you need to pay for your broadband connection after all, but in essence it’s free to use many of these social mediums (some charge). It also takes time to engage in and this is where many businesses falter... social media marketing is a medium to long term strategy on the whole and you need to be committed to it. Twitter for instance is entirely free and possibly the fastest way to build a list of prospects, but it doesn’t st…

How To Make 100, 000 NGN Per Month At Home From Being Gaxion Sale Representative

The truth remains that the economy is not favourable now. With the current trend of massive layoff of staffs from banks and other establishments, it’s wisdom if we revaluate the sources of our income. Having a job is good but having another source of income is better especially those that don’t interfere with your job’s schedules.
Gaxion Global Limited is an online Nigerian company registered with Nigerian corporate affairs commission that provides on demand school grading service to schools. At Gaxion we love simplicity, we believe that products are better if they are simple and then efficient. To deliver this simple experience to schools we need your help. 
We take what we are doing to be more like a mission to save schools that are plagued with softwares they can’t use because it so complex that only an expert can use it and we believe you have the power to start this changes if you can introduce Gaxion Cloud grading Services to schools around your Area and make 50, 000 NGN a school …

Epic formula to know how much school management software really cost.

Software pricing can be tricky especially if your are a  newbie in the system. Countless time people often feels that they know don’t what they are paying for. Pricing model are low on start but accrues over time making us feel trapped in something we don’t even understand how it works. Quickly i will show you all the school management software pricing model and their benefits, so you can make the right choices.

1. Per student

Most school management vendor uses this model. Mostly in Nigeria, schools pays a specific fee on each students per term, to gain access to the software. With this model, school will bother less about maintenance and updates, and focus really on what matters. This model makes the vendor more proactive in responding to support, because of the ongoing relationship between the vendor and the school, that gives school much right to terminate the program any time it feels it’s purpose is no longer served.

2. Monthly
In monthly payment, you pay a specific amount every mo…

Top 3 reason why your school management software should be replaced.

The truth remains that humans resent changes, we hardly want to check things around. We resent the stress that comes with the changes but the fact is , changes will inevitably come, regardless of if we want it or not. Changes are good things. It’s an asset that moves you forward or backward. Changes moves you forward if acknowledge it and use it to your advantage. Resentment of changes brings pains. Having a school management software is good but sticking with it when they are proven reasons to adapt a new one will only bring pains. Quickly i will show ways to know if your school needs to replaced it’s school software.

1. Your software doesn’t integrate.

Every system is better when they work together. Integration in this context does not mean having a school management that can do all things poorly. But having school management software that are very good at what they do may be from different vendor yet able to communicate with each other. You don’t have to be repeating every thing ac…

Top 4 ways Google App for Education can save your school 1 million Naira.

While a student’s forgetfulness can lead to poor grades, it also can add up to costly materials littering the bottom of a crammed locker. This has been an issue with my little brother in the past, as his “forgetfulness” will get the better of him at the end of the school day.

Paper cost and waste is a problem plaguing every school. Yet in spite of this, school administrators are slow to implement technological advances because of high upfront charges and the uncertainty that comes with switching to a new product.  New computers, school administration software, and other educational tools represent risks to a lot of school administrators.
But there are some schools that are taking the plunge — and the results are tremendous for everyone involved. For example, thanks to efforts made by my brother’s school to adopt Google Apps for Education into their system, he no longer has the excuse of  “forgetting homework.”  And such a small change is a relief to teachers and students alike—in my br…

Ways to increase school growth using Instagram videos.

Does your school have an Instagram account? It can be a great school marketing tool! You can share photos (and cross-post them to Facebook or Twitter) and interact with parents and students. But you can also use it as a way to reach prospective families! Instagram’s video capability offers your school an exciting new way to quickly show snippets of campus life and school events.
A few important things you need to know about Instagram videos:
They are only 15 seconds long.You can now import videos saved on your phone! See instructions here. (This means you can save promotional video to your phone that you’ve already taken and re-upload it to Instagram.)
Need some ideas for what to post? Here are some ways to get started using Instagram video as a promotional tool for your school:
Do short interviews with teachers about what they’re most excited for this school year.Record classroom tours.Do 15 second book reviews featuring students of various ages.Upload footage from sports events, music c…

Why people are not finding your school website on google and how to correct it.

Google indexes billions of webpage monthly, to get found on google does not just happen through guess work, it takes an art. It takes not just building a website, it takes optimising your website for search engine. Quickly i will show you five tips to optimised your website for google.

1. Don’t Reuse Content
To optimised you website for search engine, each page of your website should have a unique content that is different from every other content in other pages. With each unique content comes a fresh key word that will be indexed by google. This means that people can find your school website through multiple ways.
2. Put your most relevant Content first
Every website has a purpose and most times those purpose are described in words. To make the most from your school website, your most important content should be at the top of your landing page. So viewers will see the content without having to scroll.
3. Provide web links to pages on the rest of your site on your homepage.
This will help…

Top 5 things not having a mobile friendlily website is costing your school

The smartphone era has definitely arrived. More people are now using mobile devices than desktop computers. In 2013, 4.5 billion mobile phone users worldwide were using their phones to surf the Internet to look for information and services. That was two years ago--just imagine how much that number has grown.

If your school isn’t utilising a mobile website, prospective families may not be able to find you or the information they need!
Here are five reasons why you need a mobile website:
1.Not having a mobile optimised website is a huge mistake.
Mobile optimisation is a part of responsive design, which means your website automatically knows what sort of device a user is accessing it from and responds appropriately by showing up quickly and attractively. If someone is using an iPhone, a device with a relatively small screen, the website will adapt to that size and position content vertically so the user simply has to scroll to find the info they need, rather than trying to click around and…

Top 3 Things you need to know before buying a school management system

Markets are flooded with more products than ever before, that promises all yet delivers little or nothing. Is true that people are no longer satisfied with mediocre services, but discontentment will not solve the problem. It takes information to make a better purchasing decision. Subscribing to mediocre school management service is too costly for your school, the losses that follows it are uncountable. Quickly i will expose you to vital facts that will position you to make decision like an expert when choosing a school portal system.

1. More doesn’t mean better

Before now, software are riddled with so much more features that you may not know how to use more than half of the entire features, not until now, that the world knows better. It is a proven fact that complex system performs poorly. Complex system systems are difficult to use. More than 60% of features in complex system where not intended to solve any problem just to make it robust and the robustness is what degrade the experie…

Best Practices in managing your school management software

For banks, buying an ATM machine is not just where it ended. ATM machine is useless except when put to use, and there are certain practices if ignored that will rendered any product useless,  how efficient the machine is, not withstanding. To make the most of your school management software and have it delivered it utmost value to your school there are certain practices that should not be ignored and i will show you quickly.

1. Don’t outsourced data entry to the vendor

The purpose of every product is to add value, but certain things can limit the effectiveness of a product. In Nigeria, some schools submit their result manuscript to the vendor and have them helped do the data entry and computation, this is dangerous. Data entry outsourced to vendors are prone to more errors and can also be compromised. Having control on your data does not just do more to reduce errors and it also brings accountability, on who and how information is managed in your school.

2. Involve your Teachers
The task…