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Top 3 signs that shows you need a new school management software

The truth remains that humans resent changes, we hardly want to check things around. We resent the stress that comes with the changes but the fact is , changes will inevitably come, regardless of if we want it or not. Changes are good things. It’s an asset that moves you forward or backward. Changes moves you forward if acknowledge it and use it to your advantage. Resentment of changes brings pains. Having a school management software is good but sticking with it when they are proven reasons to adapt a new one will only bring pains. Quickly i will show ways to know if your school needs to replaced it’s school software.

1. Your software doesn’t integrate.

Every system is better when they work together. Integration in this context does not mean having a school management that can do all things poorly. But having school management software that are very good at what they do may be from different vendor yet able to communicate with each other. You don’t have to be repeating every thing acro…

What you will never about online school management software

No body wants to buy a product that will not add value to his life. Reason why we make purchases it’s simply to satisfy a particular need, but the irony of whole thing, is simply, software markets are filled with too many junks that promises so much and accomplish so little and some nothing. Software is a technical product, as such it needs, not just having a basic knowledge of what a software can do to make a better purchasing decision  that you won’t  regret. Quickly i will show you ways to identify horrible school management software.

1. It can do every thing
Every good product, does few things and exceptionally well too.That’s why your ear is meant only for hearing and your eyes for seeing. A great school management software, solves a particular problem exceptionally well and also provides great user experience and as such gives great return on investment.
2. It’s Complex
Complexity can mean different things, but in this context, means the ease  at which you get things done with the…

4 opportunities you are missing from not having an online school management software

Somebody might be forced to ask, why do i even need a software why my pen and paper is still serving me very well? Well let me tell you a little story, before the collapse of the soviet union, the government makes the resident of the then Soviet union to believe that they are living better than every other person in the world, with heavily subsidies house hold items that you will queue for hours to get, this continued until light came, with introduction of cable TV, they had access to information from the western world, and right then, they eyes opened, and they saw vividly, that what they where celebrating as best thing that ever happened to then is nothing compared to what the people that lived in the western world has access to, and the people revolt, and that was one the of the measure cause of the collapse of Soviet Union. for any business to still be relevant in the current interconnected world we are now, it needs to position itself as a people oriented business, and quickly i …

GAXION School Management software that uses machine learning

Integrate school management software to your school website in less than 1 minute

Gaxion cloud grading service is a sophisticated school management software that process school term result in the cloud. Built by experts using advance technology and heavily reliable also. Gaxion is striving to use machine and deep learning to understand trends and provide schools with intelligence that will not only make them get better but also over see some tragic event like sudden drop in student population.
Listed below are some of the features and benefits in gaxion cloud grading service.

With intelligence capability. It grades 10x above human precision. Yet 100x faster than human. It  sends results through sms to parents phone automatically after grading. It knows when. How. Where. Whom to promote and it’s automatic using deep learning. It supports export of records to microsoft word, PDF, excel and csv all from one place. it support one single accounts for parents that have more than one kid in a school to check their result from one central place. It’s built with simplicity in mind…