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Integrate school management software to your school website in less than 1 minute

Gaxion cloud grading service is a sophisticated school management software that process school term result in the cloud. Built by experts using advance technology and heavily reliable also. Gaxion is striving to use machine and deep learning to understand trends and provide schools with intelligence that will not only make them get better but also over see some tragic event like sudden drop in student population.
Listed below are some of the features and benefits in gaxion cloud grading service.

With intelligence capability. It grades 10x above human precision. Yet 100x faster than human. It  sends results through sms to parents phone automatically after grading. It knows when. How. Where. Whom to promote and it’s automatic using deep learning. It supports export of records to microsoft word, PDF, excel and csv all from one place. it support one single accounts for parents that have more than one kid in a school to check their result from one central place. It’s built with simplicity in mind…