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4 opportunities you are missing from not having an online school management software

 Somebody might be forced to ask, why do i even need a software why my pen and paper is still serving me very well? Well let me tell you a little story, before the collapse of the soviet union, the government makes the resident of the then Soviet union to believe that they are living better than every other person in the world, with heavily subsidies house hold items that you will queue for hours to get, this continued until light came, with introduction of cable TV, they had access to information from the western world, and right then, they eyes opened, and they saw vividly, that what they where celebrating as best thing that ever happened to then is nothing compared to what the people that lived in the western world has access to, and the people revolt, and that was one the of the measure cause of the collapse of Soviet Union. for any business to still be relevant in the current interconnected world we are now, it needs to position itself as a people oriented business, and quickly i will show you why having a school management software will help you to achieve that.

Stay Relevant

The truth remains that no body like competition, but when you are in highly competitive business like school, you either know how to strive, or do nothing and watch your school collapse. To attend and remain relevant you must constantly know to reimagine your business in way that it will position you as leader. This carries risk but the cost of not taking this risk is greater than the risk itself, as such having an online school management system, positions your school as a technological driven business in the mind of people. In Nigeria where 78 million people are online, this gives your school the opportunity to connect to a wider audience that scale far beyond your physical location.

2. Reduce Error

How will you feel when the total mark in a subject does not correspond to the summation of the assessment and exam score in your child’s result, this little error can destroy the reputation of a school, the after effect of this little error can be devastating, it shows the carelessness of a school, and no parents wants to trust the future of his child in a school that’s careless. You don't want to leave any thing to chance. Having a school management software is the only answer to prevent such an error, the pen and paper way of doing your result is riddled with errors due to human unavoidable short coming, so is imperative that your school has an online school software that will produce a quality report and also boost the reputation of your school.

3. Increase Speed

Speed is a universal currency, any business that can improve significantly the speed at which it serves it customers, stand a good chance of taking the lead. Reason why banks install ATM machines that cost millions of Naira, is not just to decongest the withdraw counter, but more than any thing else to increase the speed at which their customers have access to their money, the result is showing very clearly now, since the introduction of the ATM machine, banks in Nigeria has experienced hyper growth, people now feel good giving their money to the bank knowing fully well that can get it any time they want. To remain relevant you need speed, many schools are already joining the moving train, you don't want to be left out, reduce significantly the term result waiting time, it can be in  just a minute rather than a week, parents are desperate to know their kid’s performance. You know what they say, serve your current customer’s well, they will turn evangelist, and spread the word, and you will in turn start looking for more class room to accommodate more students.

4. Focus on what’s important

School is a business that impacts knowledge, impacting knowledge takes much, it takes time because humans are rational being, it takes much to make the most of a child. The irony of today’s world is that parents puts more blame on the school if their child have poor performance, academically and most times,  now behavioural. Any school that can significantly improves the overall performance of their students, will surely take the lead, the news will spread like fire and every body will want to be part of it. To excel in this, your teacher’s needs time, it takes time to make the most of child. Having your teacher’s doing works that could have easily been automated, is one of the reason why your loosing your students. Give your teacher’s the time to focus on what really matters, observing and correcting students, while you use a school management software to extend their arm. 


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