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Top 5 ways Gaxion can increase your school growth

A 150, 000 Naira worth of responsive website for your school at no cost to your school with maintenance.
In Nigeria today, there are over 78 million people online, 6 billion people globally, with a mobile friendly school website, your school will make relevant information available to your students and their parents and your school is visible to over 78 million people in Nigeria.
  2. Parents receives sms notification when their kids misses attendance
Every parents wants the best for their children, and one major thing parents put into consideration when choosing the school they want their children to attend is HOW SAFE is this school. When parents knows that they will receive notification when their kids misses attendance, it will give them rest and peace of mind and will make students not to skip attendance without their parent's permission, this will cheaply drive school growth for your school.
3. Secured Portal for Parents, Students, Teachers and Administrators
No one  person has …